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Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant

Whether it's Labor Day, Valentine's Day or Christmas, holidays are perfect times to host delightful crowds that are ready to spend money and celebrate.

Holiday Marketing Ideas for Your Restaurant

Five Ways to Inspire New Customers into Your Restaurant During the Holidays

If you're a restaurant owner who's looking for ways to attract more customers into your booths, there are quite a few creative ideas you can implement.

1. Free Family Photobooth

During major holidays like Christmas, families, and friends love to spend time together. Take advantage of this desire by shifting the focus off of the restaurant to cater to large groups of people. Entice them by making it a photo op as well. With social media, it's clear to see that people love taking pictures and capturing memories. Do the heavy lifting for them by hiring a really awesome lifestyle photographer who can take beautiful pictures for families as they dine in the restaurant. These photos can easily serve as restaurant holiday cards that you hang in a shadow box in the foyer of the restaurant. At the end of the evening, have the photographer edit the photos and email them to the guests through a private portal. Make sure that the restaurant logo is listed on the photo for restaurant holiday promotion purposes. As families repost the photos to social media, this might entice more people to come into the restaurant.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a dynamic place to entice new people to visit your restaurant throughout the year. However, you can use the platform to do specialized posts during the holidays throughout the year. This works because there are holidays in almost every month of the year. As you do various promotional efforts, you might get tagged as the holiday restaurant. If you're okay with this, understand that your bank account might appreciate it even more. Make sure that you photograph the food in its best light. Make sure that the chef plates the food well. Flood your timeline with the delectable food that's on your menu. As you post the food pictures, use hashtags like #foodie and #foodporn to attract foodies. You'll also want to utilize geotags to attract the local followers. As you continue the consistency with this effort, this can really help you attract more hungry customers into your seats during the holiday seasons.

3. Event Hosting

Depending on the holiday, host a themed event that allows you to invite musical guests, comedians or other entertainers for an evening of fun. You can make this a ticketed event. This can cover the costs of the food and entertainment immediately. You can also make it an event that's first come, first serve. Once the seats are filled, people will purchase food and have lots of fun. As you make this a tradition, the word about it will spread. Hold different restaurant holiday hours to accommodate the evening's events as well.

4. Online and Offline Advertising

Don't underestimate the power of a great holiday promotional ad. It's also a good idea to use online and offline strategies. For the online strategies, use Facebook ads to help you get ahead of the curve. If you don't know how to run Facebook Ads, consider hiring an expert to help you utilize your financial resources in the best way with this option. You can also use Instagram to run a strong ad campaign as well. For offline strategies, consider creating advertisements that hang from the front door. Hang them in all of the homes of the nearby neighborhoods. Hire a team to hang the advertisements on each door. Make sure they are well-designed because the pictures tend to be the main enticement when it comes to food around the holiday seasons. These types of holiday restaurant promotions will involve a financial investment. However, when they're executed correctly, these ads can give you a major return on your investment.

5. Storefront Decor

Whether your restaurant is in a place that receives a ton of foot traffic or not, decorate the outside. Hire an artist who can create stunning artwork for the windows. As you change the artwork frequently, this can be a source of advertising on its own. Create an outdoor backdrop for each season and add a hashtag to the creation. Once patrons visit the restaurant, they'll take pictures and post them to social media. When it's executed beautifully, this can definitely attract a ton of people to the store. Make sure the location is geotagged in photos. This can help you stand out as a unique brand that consistently produces beautiful Instagram-worthy backdrops for its customers. You have to become creative with the way you focus on marketing in the digital media space in the years to come.

There are tons of holidays throughout the year. Don't be afraid to try different techniques at different times. Measure the analytics and sales during those experimental seasons. As you get a better idea of which promotional strategies work the best, continue to use those for continued success.

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