Distressed Clear Coat Steel Ladderback Restaurant Bar Stool

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Product Details

Have you ever perched on a stool and felt the buzz of the city fade into a soft hum? That's the charm of these bar stools. They're not just a place to sit; they're an urban escape. The industrial steel frame? Crafted to outlast the tales of a thousand patrons. The rounded ladder back whispers of a bygone era, reinvented for the modern lounge lover.

Choose the wood that holds stories of forests long past, or go for upholstery that sings a ballad of comfort. Your floors, those silent witnesses of the night's revelries, stay unscathed thanks to discreet nylon glides. And with finishes that range from rustic to radiant, these stools adapt to the mood you're pouring behind the bar.

Reserved for the indoors, they're a sanctuary from the nine-to-five shuffle. In your pub, restaurant, or personal haven, these are more than bar stools; they're silent invitations to stay a while, share a tale, or simply breathe in the atmosphere. Isn't it time your furniture told a story as rich as the drinks served upon it?
Product Features
  • Industrial welded steel frame
  • Rounded ladder back style
  • Custom wood and upholstery seat options
  • Nylon floor glides to protect floors
  • Available in several frame finishes
  • Indoor use
  • Talk with an Expert.