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Whether you own a casual cafe or a fine dining restaurant, choosing the best tables for your restaurant is an important task. You need to consider the seating capacity, ease of use, durability, and quality of your tables so that they complement your decor and also withstand constant daily use for years to come. We, at Superior Seating, have been providing our customers with high-quality tables for over a decade. Our products are manufactured in the United States. We offer a wide range of table tops to meet your decor and budget needs

Dive into Superior Seating's curated selection of restaurant tables, featuring dozens of unique designs of complete and ready-to-use tables. Our collection seamlessly combines functionality with elegance, offering durable and stylish solutions for dining areas of all sizes and styles. From cozy cafés to spacious dining halls, discover tables that enhance the dining experience.

Restaurant Table Tops

Our huge assortment of table tops showcases exceptional designs, crafted from premium materials to match the theme and ambiance of any restaurant.

  • Wood Table Tops: Discover the natural beauty and warmth of our wood table tops, available in a variety of finishes and grains, perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Stone Table Tops: Opt for our stone table tops, such as granite and marble, to bring sophistication and durability to your dining space.
  • Laminate Table Tops: Laminate offers a practical, durable, and versatile choice, with a wide range of patterns and colors to complement your decor.
  • Synthetic Wood Table Tops: Synthetic wood combines the aesthetic appeal of natural wood with enhanced durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor settings.
  • Outdoor Restaurant Table Tops: Our tops are designed for resilience and style, making them ideal for patios and terraces. Choose from materials that promise longevity and visual appeal, ensuring your outdoor dining areas remain attractive and functional through the seasons.

Restaurant Table Bases

Explore a Superior Seating selection of table bases, each designed to offer robust, stylish support for your tables. Our range is engineered for various dining environments, blending strength with aesthetic appeal.

We feature finishes in classic black, stainless steel, or elegant gold, alongside a variety of shapes including square, round, and rectangular, ensuring a seamless fit for any restaurant's theme. For establishments demanding unparalleled durability, our heavy-duty options stand ready to meet the challenge, providing steadfast stability. Additionally, our innovative expandable and folding bases cater to those seeking flexible seating solutions or needing to maximize storage efficiency.


In Superior Seating's diverse range, you'll find everything needed to assemble the perfect dining setting. From the base to the top, our products are designed to complement each other, ensuring your restaurant not only accommodates guests but invites them into an engaging and comfortable dining environment.