Fully Upholstered Industrial Steel Restaurant Bar Stool

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Product Details

Have you ever dreamt of a bar stool that not only complements your space but also feels like it was forged from the very essence of the city? Picture this: a bar stool with a soul, a piece where industrial strength meets personalized charm. Introducing our latest creation, where the robust, welded steel frame forms the backbone of a design that’s as sturdy as your uncle's old pickup truck.

Now, let’s talk about that frame – it’s not just steel, it’s a clear coat-finished, industrial-grade marvel that wouldn’t look out of place in a trendy downtown loft. And the finish? It’s like the stool put on a suit of armor to guard against the daily jousts with life. Next up, the custom upholstery options for the seat and back - a canvas for your expression. Velvet? Leather? It’s your call. Turn it into a plush throne or a sleek perch; this stool is ready to wear whatever couture or denim you choose.

Ever do the chair slide with shame when the floor cries out with scratches? Forget those days! Our commercial bar stool comes equipped with discreet floor glides, the unsung heroes that protect your floors like a secret service detail.

Engineered for lively restaurants and bars, this stool is more than just a seat; it's the cornerstone of countless diner tales and the steadfast participant in the daily dance of hospitality. Why choose just a stool, when you can have a piece that’s as engaging as the life that swirls around it?
Product Features
  • Welded steel frame
  • Modern look industrial design
  • Clear coat finish
  • Custom upholstery seat options available
  • Floor glides to protect floors
  • Indoor use
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