3 Reasons Using Commercial Restaurant Furniture Is A Good Business Decision

December 27
Commercial Restaurant Furniture

Furniture used in restaurants often looks like the same used in our dining rooms and eat-in kitchens. However, there are some big differences between commercial-grade furniture and our residential furniture pieces.

While purchasing commercial-grade furniture seems like a big investment upfront, it will make good business sense over time. You won’t be updating your restaurant every few years with new furniture or themes, so the pieces you pick will be made to last through the years. Of course, there will be more wear and tear on certain pieces over others, and those might need to be replaced, but over the lifetime of your restaurant, you shouldn’t have to make furniture purchases frequently. Here are three reasons why buying commercial-grade restaurant furniture is a good business decision:

1. Quality

Everyone knows that buying something of value will usually last longer than something that isn’t. With furniture, this is most certainly the case, particularly because furniture gets a lot of use. When we talk about restaurant furniture, the usage skyrockets significantly. Commercial-grade furniture comes with added support and braces that regular residential furniture won’t have. This could mean the difference between a customer having a lovely evening and a customer ending up on your floor because their seat wasn’t made with high-quality materials. Consumer products are made with any number of materials, and sometimes corners are cut to keep prices low, but commercial-grade furniture is made with sturdier materials to ensure all patrons stay in their seats and not get hurt.

Now, when we talk about quality furniture, we aren’t saying that you need to pick the top-of-the-line or the most expensive in the store. But, you should think of your restaurant furniture as an investment in your business. Similar to how you wouldn’t expect a restaurant kitchen to have residential-grade equipment, you wouldn’t want them utilizing residential-grade furniture.

2. Maintenance

As we have already gone over, commercial-grade furniture is made to withstand whatever you throw at it. The maintenance of this furniture is important because it’s going to be used every single day during your business hours and even during clean-up. For this reason, it’s important that your furniture upkeep is simple and easy. It will also keep costs down because you won’t have to constantly replace furniture.

If you choose chairs or booths that have fabric, make sure that the fabric is stain-resistant, or apply your own stain-resistant products onto the fabric prior to use. This will be a life and money saver in the future because there will always be accidents, and it’s better to be prepared.

If your furniture does not have fabric, find out the best way to clean the furniture. Are there certain products that will maintain the look and feel of your furniture while still keeping it clean? Are there products you shouldn’t use on the furniture for the risk of removing varnish or paint? All of these are important points that should be addressed prior to purchase.

3. Wear & tear

If your business sees a lot of foot traffic, then you know bumps and scrapes are bound to occur on restaurant furniture. What you put your furniture through is the wear and tear of everyday use. Consumer-grade furniture is not made for heavy foot traffic or heavy use, which is why it is so important to go with commercial-grade furniture.

How much use you will get on your furniture is up to you because ultimately, it’s about how well you take care of the furniture and maintain it. Commercial-grade furniture is specifically designed to withstand that kind of heavy use found in businesses. Extra structural supports are added, and even sturdier materials are used in the construction.

Don’t think twice about going with commercial furniture, just take the plunge.

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