How to Choose Seating for Your New Restaurant

How to Choose Seating for Your New Restaurant


Quite possibly the most important factor that should go into deciding what type of restaurant seating you want for your new restaurant should be whether or not the seating is comfortable for your customers.

Imagine going into a new restaurant for the first time, you sit down, and immediately you're uncomfortable. One of the first thoughts that would come to a customer's head would be that they can't wait to get out of there and to find somewhere more comfortable to sit. 

So while finding comfy commercial seating may be an obvious point, one thing that often isn't thought of is that you'll need to find seating for both average and above average sized customers. This could mean you'll have to factor in weight, as well as height to make sure patrons of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable. 

Some nice ideas that come with looking for comfort is the idea of restaurant booth seating. Booth seating is found by most restaurant goers to be more intimate, comfortable, and laid back. If this is the type of atmosphere you're trying to create, then booth seating may be for you.

However, one setback to comfortable seating is that you need to make sure that you don't have it take up too much space, or seating will quickly become limited. Say, for example, you decide to go with strictly booths, this will be an issue because they take up large amounts of space and will restrict the amount of people you have in your business at one time.

These are all important things to keep in mind when attempting to create a commercial seating chart and determining comfort for your customers.


Durability is another big factor that should go into determining what type of commercial seating you'd like to go with. 

Your restaurant will have customers of all shapes and sizes coming and going. With that there is sure to be constant stress on whatever type of commercial furniture you purchase. Whether you go with restaurant bench seating, booth seating, or chairs; you should find something that you think will survive the long haul and won't have to be replaced often. 

For example, while booth seating may be comfortable, the backs of them are typically upholstered and will fray and tear over time, giving your restaurant a "run down" look. On top of that, should you decide to go with some restaurant outdoor seating, you want to find something that won't rust or take a considerable amount of damage if left out in the rain. 

Additionally, you should try to find something that is easy to clean. With people coming in and out of your restaurant, you'll want to find something that is easy and quick to clean so you can fill that spot as fast as you can. 

Lastly, this one is simple, you'll want to find something durable because having to constantly repair or replace your seating will eat into your profits, which nobody wants.


One pill that might be tough to swallow is that no matter what seating arrangement you choose, it's going to be costly. Whether it be chairs, booths, outdoor seating, or restaurant bench seating; it isn't cheap. 

But one thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to pricing is that you'll get what you pay for. Should you buy a set of cheap chairs, there is a strong chance they'll be lacking the comfort and durability we previously discussed. The higher the price, the better your customers will most likely find it to be. 

The Look

Now that you know the basics of what you need to look for in seating, there is one last major decision you need to decide on. What type of look and feel are you trying to get out of your restaurant? 

If you're looking for more of a family-style, diner setting then you'll be in favor of booth seating with minimal chairs mixed in.

Yet, if you are looking to have more of an upscale, high class restaurant then you will lean more towards selecting more chairs than booths.

Deciding a commercial seating arrangement can be extremely difficult, but once you have a better idea of what type of establishment you are trying to create, then the rest should fall into place shortly after.

In Closing...

In closing, as we discussed, there are a few factors that go into deciding seating for your new restaurant: comfort, durability, and affordability. Using these three factors to help narrow down what type of seating you should purchase will help you in the long run to create the best restaurant you possibly can.