How to Get Rid Old Restaurant Furniture

July 3
How to Get Rid Old Restaurant Furniture

When looking to get rid of old restaurant furniture, consider the following options:

Sell the furniture

If the furniture is still in good condition, you can try selling it. List the items on online marketplaces, or consider contacting local businesses that might be interested in purchasing used furniture.


Donate to charitable organizations: Reach out to local charitable organizations, non-profit groups, or community centers to see if they accept commercial furniture (like chairs and tables) donations. Some organizations might have specific guidelines or preferences, so ensure that your furniture meets their requirements.

List of the website where you can donate your restaurant furniture:

Offer to educational institutions

Offer to local schools or educational institutions: Contact nearby schools, colleges, or vocational training centers to inquire if they are in need of commercial furniture for their classrooms, offices, or common areas.

  • www.princeton.edu Princeton University Preparatory Program. Donate Gently Used Furniture to PUPP;
  • www.pittsurplus.com/ Surplus Property handles the sale, receipt, storage, distribution and disposal of all surplus properties including furniture for the University of Pittsburgh community.
  • surplus.ufl.edu University of Florida Surplus Program. UF Surplus donates furniture and equipment to non-profit and educational institutions.

Contact local restaurants or hospitality businesses

Check with other restaurants or hospitality businesses in your area to see if they are interested in acquiring your furniture. This could be an opportunity for them to expand or upgrade their current setup.

Consider furniture liquidation companies

If you have a large quantity of furniture or need to clear it out quickly, you can explore working with furniture liquidation companies. These companies specialize in buying or handling large volumes of furniture from businesses.


Recycle or repurpose

If the furniture is damaged or no longer usable, explore recycling options in your area. Contact local recycling centers or waste management companies to inquire about their policies on commercial furniture disposal. Alternatively, consider repurposing certain components or materials for other projects.

Hire a professional removal service

If you prefer a hassle-free approach, you can hire professional removal services that specialize in commercial furniture removal and disposal. These services will handle the logistics and ensure proper disposal or recycling of the furniture.

Before taking any action, assess the condition of the furniture and determine if any repairs or cleaning are necessary. Additionally, check local regulations regarding furniture disposal to ensure compliance with any specific guidelines or restrictions.