How To Keep Patio Furniture From Blowing Away

February 28
Patio Furniture

Unfortunately, when your commercial patio chairs and tables are knocked over or blown around in a storm, it can cause breakage, dents and even loss of furniture. So, how do you keep your restaurant patio furniture from becoming damaged or blowing away in inclement weather? Consider a few suggestions on how to secure the outdoor furniture belonging to your restaurant.

Patio Furniture Weights

Getting a supply of commercial patio furniture weights is an easy way to secure patio furniture. Some weights are designed to attach to the base of a table while others are simply placed in the seat of a chair. Also, there are waterproof bags filled with sand that serve as patio furniture anchors when placed next to the legs of tables, sofas, chairs and more. One of the best things about using sand bags as furniture anchors is they are portable. You can move them to wherever they are needed most.

Of course, if there’s a storm brewing or a report of inclement weather on the way, it’s best to keep your diners inside for the evening. While restaurant patio tables with umbrellas are especially attractive to diners, they need extra attention before a storm. Have you ever wondered how to weigh down a patio umbrella? To keep an umbrella from blowing away or knocking a table over, lower it and secure its flaps. Also, you can secure restaurant patio furniture with an umbrella in the design by making sure they have a weighted base. So, even if the umbrella does blow in the wind, it won’t knock the table over causing damage.

Place Your Furniture in an Area That Gets Very Little Wind

If your commercial patio dining area isn't exposed to the wind, then you don’t have to worry about patio furniture security in the bad weather. Some restaurant owners plant hedges to prevent wind from having a direct path to their patio dining area. Others arrange the tables and chairs close to the exterior wall of the restaurant to keep them out of the strong winds. Of course, if there is no way to shield your patio area from the wind, you could take your patio furniture into a store room. Or, you could make it a point to purchase the best outdoor commercial furniture for windy areas. These pieces of furniture include weights and anchors in their design. As a note, if you want to know how to keep an outdoor rug from blowing away, try using Velcro to attach it to the floor or roll it up and take it inside.

Stack Your Chairs

If you don’t want to get patio chair weights for each of the seats on your patio, you can neatly stack the chairs to keep them from tipping over or blowing around. It’s not likely that a heavy stack of chairs will blow over. Move the stack of chairs close to a wall where it will be protected from strong winds. 

Connect Your Items of Patio Furniture

Securing your patio furniture for windy areas is easy when you connect the items. For instance, connect a small table with a large bench, so there’s less chance that they’ll fall over or be blown away. Once again, the weight of two or more items when they are connected can keep them secure. These inexpensive connectors usually latch on to the legs of furniture items and can be removed after the bad weather passes.

Cover Your Furniture

One of the most effective patio furniture tips to keep in mind is that covering your chairs, sofas and tables can keep them from being damaged while out on the patio in rain or other inclement weather. Also, if you’re wondering how to keep patio furniture cushions from blowing away, covering an item can keep the cushions from wandering away. Bungee cords are helpful when connecting covered items. Bungee cords are inexpensive, available in many sizes and can easily be fastened to  restaurant chairs, tables or sofas for excellent patio furniture security.

These tips can help you determine how to keep your restaurant patio furniture from blowing away. Taking a few precautions now can help you hang onto your costly property and your patience when the weather turns dark.