Patio Perfection: Choosing the Best Outdoor Restaurant Seating

November 22
Patio Perfection: Choosing the Best Outdoor Restaurant Seating

In this in-depth exploration, we dive into the fascinating world of Wicker, Rattan, Mesh, Rope, and Cane style furniture, styles deeply rooted in tradition yet evolving to meet modern needs. These furniture types, often interwoven in their design and material choices, captivate with their unique blend of aesthetic versatility and functional durability. From the ancient art of wicker weaving to the contemporary appeal of mesh and rope, each style presents a story of craftsmanship and design evolution. We examine how these styles, adaptable to both indoor and outdoor settings, have become pivotal in shaping comfortable, personalized living spaces. Join us as we uncover why these furniture styles, balancing traditional charm and modern practicality, continue to be cherished in homes around the world.

Wicker Furniture

dark color wicker restaurant chair and table

  1. Style and Pattern: Wicker refers to a style of weaving rather than a material. It often features intricate, tight weaves and is used in a variety of furniture types, from chairs to baskets.

  2. Material: Wicker can be made from a range of materials including natural substances like rattan, bamboo, and willow, or synthetic materials like resin and vinyl.

  3. Origin: The technique of wicker weaving is ancient, dating back to Egypt around 3000 B.C.

  4. Best-Use Seating: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, especially when made from synthetic materials for better weather resistance.

Rattan Furniture

natural rattan chair in indoor restaurant seating 

  1. Style and Pattern: Rattan furniture is renowned for its sturdy, rustic appearance, often featuring thicker pieces than wicker, offering a robust and earthy charm.
  2. Material: Traditionally made from the rattan plant, a vine-like species found in tropical regions, contemporary rattan furniture also incorporates synthetic materials, offering greater durability and weather resistance.
  3. Origin: With a rich history, particularly in Southeast Asia, rattan has been a staple in furniture and basket making for centuries, evolving with the introduction of synthetic alternatives to meet modern demands.
  4. Best-Use Seating: While natural rattan is best suited for indoor spaces or covered patios due to its sensitivity to the elements, synthetic rattan expands its use to more exposed outdoor settings, providing versatility and resilience against weather-related wear.

Mesh Furniture

mesh style chairs in hotel outdoor lounge area

  1. Style and Pattern: Mesh furniture often sports a modern, sleek design with a net-like pattern providing breathability and comfort.

  2. Material: Typically made from metals like steel or aluminum, or synthetics like vinyl and plastic.

  3. Origin: The use of mesh in furniture became popular in the 20th century with the advent of new materials and manufacturing techniques.

  4. Best-Use Seating: Great for outdoor settings due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Often used in patios, gardens, and poolside areas.


Rope Furniture

rope style restaurant chairs in outdoor seating

  1. Style and Pattern: Rope furniture is distinctive for its nautical or bohemian style, with tightly coiled or braided patterns.

  2. Material: Usually made from natural fibers like jute or cotton, or synthetic materials like nylon for enhanced durability.

  3. Origin: Rope has been used in furniture making for centuries, though its popularity in modern design is more recent.

  4. Best-Use Seating: Versatile in its use, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, especially when made from weather-resistant materials.

Cane Furniture

cane close look restaurant chair

  1. Style and Pattern: Cane furniture features a classic, elegant design with open weaves and a natural, airy feel.

  2. Material: Made from the outer bark of the rattan plant, cane is a strong and flexible material.

  3. Origin: Cane weaving has a long history, particularly in Asia and colonial America.

  4. Best-Use Seating: Ideal for indoor environments or semi-outdoor spaces like sunrooms, due to its delicate nature.


The collective appeal of Wicker, Rattan, Mesh, Rope, and Cane style furniture, which often overlap and intermingle in design and material, can be attributed to a blend of aesthetic versatility, practical functionality, and the evolving consumer preference for unique yet comfortable living spaces.

These styles are cherished for their ability to strike a balance between traditional craftsmanship and modern design. The intricate weaving, whether in natural or synthetic materials, adds texture and depth to spaces, making them visually interesting. This tactile quality, combined with the varying patterns and forms these materials can be crafted into, allows for a wide range of design expressions - from rustic and bohemian to sleek and contemporary. Additionally, their versatility in blending with different décor themes makes them a popular choice for consumers who enjoy mixing styles.

Practicality plays a significant role in their popularity. These furniture types are generally lightweight and durable, making them easy to move and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This adaptability is especially appealing in today's multifunctional living spaces. The use of synthetic materials in these styles has enhanced their durability, making them more resistant to weather and wear, which is a significant consideration for modern consumers who value longevity and low maintenance in their furniture choices.

The growing trend towards creating comfortable, personalized living spaces has also fueled the popularity of these furniture styles. They offer a unique combination of comfort and style, providing both a functional piece of furniture and a decorative element. This ability to add character to a space, while still being practical and comfortable, aligns with the contemporary emphasis on creating living spaces that are not just visually appealing but also livable and inviting.

In summary, the fusion of aesthetic appeal, practical benefits, and the ability to cater to diverse interior styles and lifestyle needs makes Wicker, Rattan, Mesh, Cane, and Rope style furniture a beloved choice among consumers. Their popularity reflects a broader trend in home furnishing - a move towards pieces that offer both visual interest and functional value.