Elegant Wedding Table Setup

Transforming Your Wedding Venue with Custom Furniture Options

Discover how Superior Seating's custom banquet chairs can elevate wedding venues with elegance, durability, and customization. Get practical tips for selecting the perfect furniture to create unforgettable guest experiences. Ideal for venue owners and event planners looking to enhance their wedding settings with high-quality, stylish chairs.
June 5
Patio Perfection: Choosing the Best Outdoor Restaurant Seating

Patio Perfection: Choosing the Best Outdoor Restaurant Seating

Discover the perfect fit for your restaurant or commercial space with our detailed comparison of Wicker, Rattan, Mesh, Cane, and Rope furniture. Each style offers a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and resilience, making them ideal choices for enhancing the ambiance and functionality of any commercial outdoor setting.
November 22
Comparing Banquet and Folding Chairs: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

From Elegance to Efficiency: Understanding Banquet vs. Folding Chair Differences

When it comes to event seating, the choice between banquet and folding chairs is pivotal. Each type boasts its distinct advantages, from the elegance and comfort of banquet chairs to the versatility and space efficiency of folding chairs. Our in-depth analysis covers pros, cons, and practical insights, helping you navigate this decision with ease. Whether you're hosting a grand gala or a casual gathering, find out which chair aligns best with your needs.
October 20
Decoding Tabletop Shapes: Best Fits for Commercial Dining Spots

Shaping Your Dining Space: The Perfect Table Top for Every Establishment

Have you ever walked into a dining establishment and found yourself inexplicably drawn to a particular table? It might sound trivial, but the shape of a tabletop can significantly influence our dining experience. Much like how every story has its setting, every meal has its stage. The contours of a table not only define our physical space but also mold the very essence of our social interactions. In this intricate dance of form and function, let's embark on a journey to uncover how the shape of a tabletop can set the tone for various commercial dining settings.
October 5
Exploring Alternatives to Wooden Restaurant Tables

Exploring Alternatives to Wooden Restaurant Tables

Move beyond traditional wooden tables with innovative alternatives tailored for restaurants. Embrace the contemporary charm of aluminum, the unique designs of resin, and more. Discover durability, style, and functionality that complement today's dynamic dining spaces.
September 28
Booth, Banquette and Bench Compared

Restaurant Seating: Booth, Banquette and Bench Compared

Ever wondered about the distinctions among the three Bs of commercial seating—benches, banquettes, and booths? Look no further! We've compiled all the major differences in a convenient table, covering aspects like material, pros, cons, and best usage scenarios.
September 13
Bar Heights Around the World

Bar Heights Around the World: A Global Perspective on Seating Styles

Bar heights can vary from country to country, and these differences are influenced by cultural norms, design preferences, and ergonomic considerations. Follow the link, I'll find some examples of bar height variations in different countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, Spain and Japan.
August 22
Top 6 of Wood Choice For Restaurant Table Tops

Exploring the Best Wood Choices for Restaurant Table Tops: A Comprehensive Comparison

Learn how to select the right wood table top for your restaurant, considering aesthetics, durability, and functionality. Explore a comparison of the top 6 wood choices for your tables and table tops.
August 14
Comparison of Stone, Wood, and Laminate Table Tops

Choosing the Perfect Table top for Your Restaurant: Exploring Stone, Wood, and Laminate Options

Each type of tabletop has its unique advantages and disadvantages, making it essential to consider your specific needs, budget, and preferences when choosing the best tabletop for your dining table. In this article, we tried to compare the three most common types of table top materials wood, stone, and laminate.
July 31
Resin or Aluminum Choosing the Perfect Stackable Chair

Choosing the Perfect Stackable Chair for Your Restaurant: Resin or Aluminum?

Quick shopping guide from Superior Seating for two most popular stackable types of chairs: Resin vs. Aluminum Chairs for a Restaurant, Bar, or outdoor dining. Price, features, pros, and cons included.
July 20
Restaurant Chair Materials  Pros and Cons

Restaurant Chair Materials — Pros & Cons

Restaurants aren’t only about the food — the ambiance is of great importance as well! You could have amazing food, but people won’t want to come to your restaurant if they aren’t comfortable and cozy. Keep your customers happy with the best chairs that you can find in your budget. In order to do this, you’ll need to make a big decision about what material you want for your chairs.
March 28