Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

September 17
Patio Umbrellas Buying Guide

Patio umbrellas come in various styles, forms, shapes, weight, and sizes. Outdoor patio umbrellas greatly improvement the shade at your commercial facility by offering the much-required breaks from the strong sun-rays, especially during the summer.

Whatever type of commercial facility you run, commercial patio umbrellas can make a great difference in covering your guests, helping them feel relaxed and contented enough to come back another day. Before you purchase a patio umbrella, it is important that you look out for the following factors to make sure you have bought an umbrella that can last for several seasons.

Umbrella Frame

The frames are one of the top features on the list when purchasing a patio umbrella. Frames are mainly made from either aluminum or wood. The wood frame material tends to be heavier than the aluminum frame material, thus a bit disadvantageous. When deciding the kind of umbrella frame for either your family patio or your commercial facility, you must not only consider the umbrella frame but also if it is in harmony with the decor.

Opening Mechanism

The opening mechanism is also a vital feature to consider if you want to walk home with a good patio umbrella. Patio umbrellas come in two different opening mechanisms depending on the type of material frame it features. Outdoor patio umbrellas made of wood frame are usually opened manually by use of a pulley system. A frame designed from metal is normally opened by use of a crank lift or a push-button tilt. The crank lift button allows it to be easily tilted to different directions. As such, before you commit your money to the acquisition of an outdoor patio umbrella, make sure to determine the kind of opening mechanism you will want the umbrella to have.

Shade Size

How much shade do you want on your patio? If you need a large shade, then consider large patio umbrellas and vice versa. Designers and manufacturers measure the size of the shade by calculating the size of an umbrella from one end to the top all the way to the other end. Consider buying an umbrella that is five feet larger than the space you wish to cover. Large umbrellas are the best for commercial facilities since they provide a large shade for your guests.

Canopy Fabric

The fabric quality of an outdoor patio umbrella is another critical feature to look out for when buying a family patio or commercial patio umbrellas. Good quality fabrics from large patio umbrellas help to protect your guests from sunburns because they can withstand the burn from strong sunrays. A Low-quality fabric fades away and falls just a few days of exposure to the sun. This will make your café or pool look cheap. Moreover, they can pose a great risk to your guests since they could break easily and injure someone. If you purchase the cheapest patio umbrella for your café or hotel, you will find yourself buying another one just before the next summer. Consider purchasing a heavier vinyl or one with marine-grade fabrics that are mainly intended for durable outdoor use. You will also benefit from their no-fade warranties.


The type of color you choose for your patio umbrella can have an effect on the UV protection they offer to your guests. Blue and red colors are good at protecting against UV-B rays that are the most harmful from reaching your guests. Black color umbrellas are also outstanding at protecting you against UV rays. If you don't fancy black umbrellas at your commercial facility, then you can consider having darker shades to enhance UV-B absorption while protecting and making your guest comfortable from irritating and harmful rays.


One other aspect to take into consideration when buying an outdoor patio for your commercial facility is definitely its aesthetics. Bright and vibrant colors will enhance the immediate beauty of your outdoor dining area, pool area, or any patio. You can choose from the endless varieties available on the market to make your commercial facility unique. At Lowes patio umbrellas, we have teal, pistachio, pacific blue, forest green, and turquoise among others.

Extra Features

  • Covers: Before buying a patio umbrella, check whether it comes with its cover. A cover is a great accessory that allows you to store your umbrella, especially when protecting it from severe weather.
  • Lighting: This is also an important feature to consider when buying a patio umbrella. Lighting creates an excellent mood at night, making it ideal for guests who enjoy outdoor diners. Look out for one that is battery-operated or one with track lighting already installed.
  • Netting: If you come from areas with lots of insects, then go for an umbrella that comes with large size nets that encloses the top as well as the sides. This feature is great because it keeps insects from troubling your guests when they are having a great outdoor dining.
  • Base: When it comes to commercial patio umbrellas, a strong base ensures that your umbrella is standing strong and is safe for your guests. Lowes patio umbrellas come with different bases. Some are made of steel with concrete while others are made of aluminum and filled with gravel to make them stand strong. You will also find umbrellas with wheeled bases that make it easy for the guest to move them easily. Depending on the climatic conditions in your locality, you can pick the base that will be most appropriate for you commercial facility.


Buying a patio umbrella to complement your commercial outdoor facility can be a tedious undertaking. With this Superior Seating patio umbrellas buying guide, you will walk out of the stores with a high-quality umbrella that will make your outdoor space comfortable for your guests.