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Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2018

This year in restaurant interior design is all about changing things up to draw in new customers and keep the old ones interested. The trends for 2018 are a whimsical combination of looking forward and borrowing from the past. You can expect to see these ten restaurant trends in the hottest establishments near you.

Restaurant Interior Design Trends for 2018

Plants Everywhere

Large displays of greenery have come and gone in restaurant decor for over 100 years, and now plants are in again with a fresh twist. Trendy restaurants are choosing plants that serve a purpose for their business. Certain types of plants continuously clean the surrounding area and provide fresh oxygenated air. Other restaurants grow plants that provide visual interest as well as seasoning for dishes in the kitchen. Today’s customer is more interested in consuming a sustainably produced, locally grown meal, and this type of greenery meets both those requirements.

A Stripped Down Interior

Modern restaurant interior design ideas are phasing out totally remodeling a dining space in favor of preserving the existing features. This is a new twist on minimalism. Instead of relying on stark, white interiors to convey minimalism, designers are approaching minimalism from the point of view that you use what you have. This has lead to restaurants highlighting the architectural features of a space. Wooden beams, original hardwood floors or brick walls are brought to the forefront of the restaurant’s design in a quest to bring back the spirit of the original building.

Points of Visual Interest

As restaurants seek to attract a wider range of customers, they have learned to incorporate social media mania into the interior design of the restaurant. The prevailing attitude is that if you can’t take a gorgeous Instagram photo at the restaurant, you may as well not even go. Designers are merging this into restaurant decor by featuring an area with stunning visual effect. A colorful mural, beautiful tile mosaic or visually striking furniture get incorporated into the design for the sole purpose of drawing in the social media savvy crowd. If your restaurant is constantly shared online, it can only bring in a new wave of customers.

Shiny Details

Holographic clothes, cosmetics and accessories are all the rage at the moment and now shine is also hot for interior restaurant design. Expect to see everything chromed out as 2018 progresses. Chrome adds visual interest without too much fuss. Used in a certain way it can convey a throwback to diners of the 1950s. When used in a different way it makes a restaurant look glamorously futuristic. It is a versatile, inexpensive way to completely change the look of a space and bring it line with the current year’s trends.

Versatility is Key

Restaurants are fighting for the limited customer supply. Everyone wants to be the hot restaurant in town, and designers have found a way to increase sales through maximizing available space. Smart establishments are moving away from the idea of being one thing to a select clientele and embracing being whatever a customer may want. In order to corner the restaurant to door, fine dining and takeaway markets, restaurants are redesigning their spaces to accommodate all these customers. A secluded private dining area provides the atmosphere of a luxe high end restaurant, while a separate bar area caters to a more casual after work and take away crowd. This allows them to increase profits by suiting the needs of a variety of customers.

The Color Green

In 2018, the restaurant industry will be seeing green. Green is the trendiest culinary decor color of the year. You will see green accents in the form of furniture, linens, table decorations and art. You may even see a few monochromatic themes in certain restaurants that are embracing that style. When combined with a neutral background, green provides a bright pop of color that is soothing and pleasing to the eye. It also nicely symbolizes the trend of foliage and the message of environmental responsibility.

Open Kitchen Floor Plans

One of the main focuses of interior design for restaurant patrons is accessibility. Making customers feel at home is an important part of creating regular diners and bringing in new business. Open kitchens lend a familial air to the space. When customers can watch their food in preparation, it also creates an added layer of excitement and entertainment. Open kitchens have been slowly replacing the old model in popularity, and you can expect to see more of them in popular restaurants in the future.

An Emphasis on Lighting

When it comes to interior design, restaurant owners are focusing on lighting. Lighting is an important aspect of influencing the mood of customers. Many restaurants are taking advantage of customization trends by allowing individual tables to control their own lighting. They can brighten up the area to read menus or lower the lights to create a romantic ambiance.

Take Home Dishware

Imagine being able to shop while you eat. This idea is now a reality and one of the most innovative restaurant trends for 2018. Some restaurants will offer every item you see on the table for sale. From the candle holder to the cutlery, you will be able to add whichever dining accessory suits your fancy to your tab. If you like the plates, you can carry a set out with your doggy bag.

A Cozy Atmosphere

The interior design trend for ultra cozy spaces is invading the restaurant business in 2018. Restaurants realize that in order to attract and keep customers they need to keep their space comfortable. Plush furniture, roaring fires and family style seating are all being optimized to take advantage of customer demand for a home away from home atmosphere. A cozy space makes people want to keep coming back and stay a little bit longer.

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