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The 8 Best Restaurant Reservation Apps

Imagine someone getting off from work and heading to their favorite Italian restaurant. They have patiently all week to be able to try the new pasta bowl.

The 8 Best Restaurant Reservation Apps

Friends, family and a whole bunch of people are going to meet at the restaurant too. Upon arrival, it turns out that the restaurant is packed and the wait time is over an hour. Busy restaurants can put a damper in an otherwise amazing night out. Calling ahead and reserving can be so time consuming and stressful. Fortunately, there is some technology that can help. Here are the eight best restaurant reservation apps.

1. Yelp

Yelp is one of the most popular review platforms on the internet and is visited by countless people each month. With thousands of restaurant reviews, many people consult Yelp before heading to a restaurant. The company has built a reservation ability into their app to accomodate all of their users. If a restaurant is linked up with Yelp, a user simply has to go the restaurants page and select a reservation time. The Yelp app is the perfect combination of review and reservation. People can reserve a seat within seconds of deciding that the restaurant is a good choice based upon the reviews.

2. Resy

Resy boasts as having access to the most sough-after restaurants in 80 major cities around the world. This minimalistic application is easy to use and can have a table reserved in just two taps. Users simply search for their desired restaurant, click on the appropriate page and then tap 'Reserve Now' in order to save a table. If a table is not available, Resy when send a notification to the mobile phone when something is free. This application also has an invite function where it can access a person's contact list and invite anyone who is selected.

3. Spotluck

The Spotluck application recently was ranked number 1 of “Apps That Save You Money Every Time You Dine Out” by the US News and World Report. Spotluck is designed to solve the never ending debate of where to eat. Instead of wasting time arguing, Spotluck's spin function can be used to find a local restaurant that will offer a discount through the app. There are no external coupons required. Users only need to show the application when dining. Spotluck is a great way to find a local restaurant to eat while saving money. The app also has menus and galleries to help make finding the right restaurant easier.

4. Reserve

Instead of taking what is available, some diners prefer to be shown only those options that match their needs. Reserve is an application that works in the opposite direction of most other reservation apps. Users will type in their dining preferences such as time of the day, restaurant type and other preferences. Reserve will then show the available reservations that meet the selected requirements. The Reserve app is focused primarily on high-end restaurants and has some of the most well-known names already signed-on.

5. I Know the Chef

I Know the Chef is a relatively new application that sets its own standards for participating restaurants. Instead of accepting any restaurant that wants to enlist in the app's service, I Know the Chef only accepts restaurants that meet particular standards and qualifications. This ensures the user that restaurants on the application are great spots. I Know the Chef also has a feature where restaurants are listed by moods making it easier to find places for every occasion. Nicknamed 'The Digital Concierge App for the 21st Century', I Know the Chef is currently in New York, Chicago and Miami and is looking to expand.

6. Nowait

Many people are frustrated because their favorite restaurant doesn't accept reservations. No fancy application can help as the only way to get a seat is to wait in line. The Nowait application understands this frustration and has found a way to get reservations at restaurants that don't accept reservations. Instead of reserving a table, Nowait will reserve a spot in the waiting line at these restaurants. Users don't have to show up to the restaurant just to reserve a spot in line anymore. Wit the Nowait reservation app, users can eat at restaurants who don't accept reservations without waiting.

7. Allset

Reserving a table ahead of time is convenient and time-saving. However, Allset has taken this convenience to a whole new level. Allset allows users to reserve a table, order a meal, pay and select a time all within the application. This allows diners to show up to the restaurant and immediately sit down to eat without having to worry about waiting, ordering or paying. Allset makes a night out to eat an absolute breeze. While other apps can just reserve a seat, Allset handles every aspect beforehand so that people can focus on enjoying their time.

8. OpenTable

OpenTable is one of the most diverse and capable reservation apps on the market. OpenTable has over 43,000 restaurants from all around the world listed and ready to accept reservations. Users can search for spots by location or cuisine and can even receive bespoke recommendations based on their previous searches and reservations. OpenTable also allows users to invite other friends to the restaurant directly from their phone making it easy to bring more people. The more OpenTable is used, the more rewards users get towards other restaurants in the future.

There is nothing more frustrating than discovering that a favorite restaurant is full. Nobody wants to wait in line for hours to get a seat. Luckily, there are several reservation apps that seek to solve this problem. These apps allow users to search for their specific restaurant and reserve a seat quickly and with ease. If there is not a seat available, many apps will send a notification when one is free. Some apps even can help users get a spot in line at a restaurant that doesn't accept reservations. All those people struggling to find open restaurants need to consider downloading these apps.

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