Why Restaurant Customers Love Booths

February 28
Why Restaurant Customers Love Booths

Commercial booths now come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and styles and can be fully customized. In addition, booths offer more comfort and privacy than the typical dining chair and table combination which is why they are becoming a preferred method of seating by many patrons. Adding booths to your restaurant opens up the opportunity for enhanced customer experience as well as provides a variety of seating options for everyone.


Restaurant booth cushions are much softer than most traditional dining chairs. Most dining commercial chairs are typically made of wood or metal and do not offer a soft-cushioned seat or padded back. Despite the softness of the booth seat, booths are typically larger and sturdier than chairs. This added stability helps customers relax and enjoy their meals rather than focusing on their weight in the chair. Added comfort may be a necessity for patrons who suffer from certain medical conditions as well. 

In addition, commercial booths offer more seating space. When sitting in a dining chair, a customer is limited only to the space that the chair itself offers. A restaurant booth seat, on the other hand, offers a much larger space to get comfortable and eat. This larger space also provides room to store a coat or a bag for customers who prefer to keep their belongings with them instead of hanging in a coat room or on the back of a chair that is within an area of high traffic volume. During lunch hours, it is not uncommon to see business professionals who like to bring their work with them out to lunch. Commercial booths make a better option for individuals like this who require ample space to stretch out and work on projects while waiting for service. 

Although booths offer a larger seat, they also add intimacy for the patrons sitting in the commercial booth. Customers in a booth typically sit closer together than they would if they were each seated in separate chairs on all sides of the table. This type of intimacy might be preferred by couples or families with children who would prefer the kids be seated right next to them. An intimate table setting might also be more appropriate for business meetings regarding somewhat confidential matters that would be better discussed in a booth rather than an exposed table. For these reasons, many people consider booths to be the most comfortable restaurant seating option. 


A booth at a restaurant is also considered a more private option than a typical commercial dining chair and table arrangement. Booths are typically lined up against walls while tables are out in the center of the floor. Booths are also bordered on two sides by other booths, allowing access from only one side. This booth setup is preferred by many people with anxiety as it helps them to feel a bit more secure rather than being out in the open. As a result of being aligned against a wall and other booths, there is less foot traffic surrounding the dining patrons. A chair at a table, on the other hand, is surrounded by traffic on all sides and is fully exposed to the entire restaurant. This may prove to be a bit too chaotic for some patrons who prefer a calmer, more private dining experience. 

In addition to being aligned against a wall, most commercial booths have higher backs than typical chairs. These higher backs add extra privacy for the diners, as they can only really be seen by those directly approaching their table from one side. Other customers typically cannot see diners in a booth when they are seated and eating. The higher backing of the booth also confines the sound to that area, keeping many conversations relatively private as well as keeping out any unwanted sounds from tables nearby.

The added privacy that comes from a commercial restaurant dining booth is a blessing for many parents who bring their children to dine with them. Having a toddler or young child seated on the inner portion of the booth is a great way to confine them to their seat. A traditional dining chair at a table doesn't allow for this and a small child is easily able to dart from their chair or bother other patrons. A booth helps parents feel more comfortable in bringing their children out for a nice dinner knowing they will remain in their seats and not be a nuisance to the other diners. The layout of a commercial restaurant booth also allows parents to more easily assist small children in cutting up, managing, and eating their meals.

Adding commercial booths to a restaurant is a great way to enhance the dining patron's experience. Many customers prefer booth seating because booths offer more comfort due to their soft cushions, larger seating space, and partially enclosed environments. In addition, booths are a more private option than a traditional dining table and chairs because they are typically wall-aligned and out of high-traffic areas and they offer higher backs for less visibility and unwanted noise. Booths are also typically a favorite for families with small children because the booth seating allows them to manage their kids and their food with less complication than a table out in the open with chairs on every side. Overall, the comfortable seating combined with the extra privacy, warmth, and intimacy that comes with a booth allows for a more relaxing and cozy feel for patrons. In turn, this will add a homey, pleasant feel to your restaurant. It is best to have a mix of tables and booths in your establishment to satisfy a variety of customers with different preferences.