Case Study: How Superior Seating Helped Boozehounds in Palm Springs Create a Pawsome Restaurant Paradise!

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Imagine a place where humans and their furry best friends can socialize, sip on delicious cocktails, and savor delectable meals – all in a stylish and welcoming atmosphere. Look no further than Boozehounds Palm Springs! This vibrant restaurant, established by three dog-loving friends, embodies the essence of Palm Springs living with its expansive venue and diverse seating areas.

This case study delves into how our furniture solutions helped Boozehounds create distinct sections within their restaurant, catering to different vibes and guest preferences.

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The Challenge: Creating a durable & design-forward dog-friendly restaurant venue

Boozehounds offers multiple dining experiences, each with its own unique vibe. The challenge was to create cohesive furniture selections that reflected the overall modern and stylish aesthetic while catering to the specific functionalities of each section:

  • Modern & Stylish Dining Room: This space should exude sophistication for a comfortable yet elevated dining experience.
  • Cabana Bar: This area calls for a relaxed and playful atmosphere, reminiscent of a tropical vacation getaway, and features our custom table tops.
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The Solution: Finding the perfect restaurant furniture

The team at Boozehounds had a clear vision: a modern and welcoming space that catered to both humans and their furry companions. They needed furniture that was not only durable and stylish, but also weather-resistant for the open-air atrium and patio areas. We collaborated with them to find the ideal balance of form and function.

Modern Indoor Chairs: We furnished the chic dining room and lounge with sleek, upholstered chairs in a neutral color scheme. This provided both comfort for long meals and a contemporary aesthetic that complemented the stunning mountain views.

Product Image
Stackable Natural Elm Wood Restaurant Chair With Upholstered Seat
Close-up of Natural Beige Color of Upholstery for Restaurant Furniture Collection: New Soho - Sand
Made from elm wood with a natural stain.
Features a modern design with an elbow back.

Quartz Table Tops: For a touch of luxury, the tables were adorned with polished quartz countertops. Quartz offered the perfect blend of sophistication and practicality: it's scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and stands up to spills, perfect for a dog-friendly environment.

Product Image
Quartz Restaurant Table Tops
Close-up of White Quartz Table Top for Restaurants White Elegant Quartz
Quartz products look naturally stunning in restaurants.
One of the most durable tabletop options on the market is quartz.

Honeycomb High-Pressure Indoor Table Tops: For the high-traffic areas, we opted for honeycomb high-pressure table tops. This innovative material provided the ideal combination of durability, and a sleek, modern look. Plus, the easy-to-maintain surface meant less worry about spills and paw prints.

Product Image
Honeycomb High-Pressure Melamine Indoor Table Top in Cement Finish
Close-up of Gray Honeycomb Table Top for Restaurants Table Top in Cement Finish
Honeycomb High-Pressure Indoor Table Tops are highly durable and scratch-resistant.
They are also lightweight for easy handling and installation.

Durable Table Bases: For the dining areas, we selected sturdy table bases in a dark, polished finish. This not only offered lasting appeal but also contrasted beautifully with the lighter chairs for a visually dynamic space.

Product Image
Round Cast Iron And Steel Black Commercial Metal Table Base
Close-up of Black Table Base for Restaurants Protective Black Powder-Coated Finish
This table base is highly durable for commercial use.
Its black finish adds a modern touch to any setting.

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What do customers say about Boozehounds?

“What a great spot to come for brunch. I absolutely devoured the biscuits and gravy, so delicious 🤤 my friend had the cinnamon churro french toast which was also insanely good. Great portion sizes too. Loved the iced lavender honey oat latte which was sweet and creamy. The atmosphere is great, an open space with beautiful furnishings. I would definitely recommend!”

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We were incredibly impressed by Boozehounds Palm Springs' design and atmosphere. Their venue offers a variety of stylish spaces, from the mountain-view dining room to the open-air atrium and the cabana bar with its vacation vibes. The overall aesthetic is truly one of our favorite restaurant designs we've seen. Their focus on creating a welcoming culture for both humans and pups, along with their delicious-looking food menu, makes Boozehounds a truly special place.

Working with Boozehounds was a privilege. We are proud to have played a small role in their success story and look forward to seeing them continue to thrive.

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