Casa de Catrina Mexican Restaurant - Furniture Case Study

Mexican Restaurant Furniture close look to natural stain wood table in Mexican restaurant wood tables in Mexican restaurant Mexican restaurant interior furnished by Superior Seating

Project details:

Address: 223 Old Country Rd, Carle Place, NY 11514 (Google Map)

Venue type: Mexican Restaurant, Bar & Grill

Setting: Indoor

Cuisine: Mexican

Restaurant design style: Modern

About Casa de Catrina Restaurant:

For the Casa de Catrina Restaurant, Superior Seating initiated a custom furniture project designed to capture the vibrancy of Mexican culture while providing superior comfort and durability. At the heart of this project was the creation of custom-made Six Channel Style Restaurant Booths, each wrapped in an eye-catching Persuasion Tigerlily vinyl. This material, chosen by the customer, was selected for its bright orange hue to match the restaurant's festive theme and its durability to withstand the high-traffic dining environment.

To go along with the lively character of the booths, the tables were made from solid Beechwood, shaped into premium planks with a natural stain that brought out the wood's beautiful grains and rich tones. These tops were placed on strong metal cross legs bases, anchoring the energetic atmosphere with their durability and combining the charm of rustic style with modern design.

The furnishing of Casa de Catrina was a celebration of culture and craftsmanship. The custom pieces by Superior Seating were essential to the ambiance. The restaurant's atmosphere became a place where the festive spirit of Mexico's Dia de los Muertos came to life in every curve of the booth and in the simple elegance of the tables. Here, Superior Seating showed that furniture is not just functional but key to the storytelling of space, turning Casa de Catrina into an unforgettable dining destination.

Color palette: Orange, Dark Brown, Light Brown


Restaurant furniture used in this project:

Booths: Six Channel Style Restaurant Booth

SKU: B516
Booth Shape: Banquet
Length: 444"
Booth Height: Standard
Overall Height: 42"
Booth Back Material: Customer Owned Material, Vinyl (Persuasion Tigerlily)
Booth Seat Options: Vinyl (Persuasion Tigerlily)
Finished Rear: No
Six Channel Style Restaurant BoothLearn more about this booth...
Tables: Custom Solid Beechwood Premium Plank Table Tops

Wood Stain: Natural
Top Sizes: 24"x24" and 24"x30"

Cross Cast Iron And Steel Black Commercial Table Bases

Table Height: Standard (28") and Bar (41")
Base Size: 22"x22"
Custom Solid Beechwood Premium Plank Table TopLearn more about this table top...

Cross Cast Iron And Steel Black Commercial Table Base (22Learn more about this table base...

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