Ophelia Oval Flex Back Stackable Aluminum Banquet Chair

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Product Description

Ophelia Banquet Chair Features

  • 110 Year Warranty
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty, our chairs offer a decade of assurance, emphasizing longevity and reliability for your seating needs.

  • 2Stacks 10 High
  • Streamline your storage with chairs that effortlessly stack 10 high, providing a space-saving solution without compromising on convenience or style.

Ophelia Banquet Chair, Wholesale Commercial Seating for Hospitality Industry
  • 3Cal 117 Fire Safety Rating
  • Prioritize safety with chairs boasting a Cal 117 Fire Safety Rating, ensuring a secure environment for your guests in any setting.

  • 4Fully Welded 12 Gauge Aluminum Frame
  • Engineered for strength, the fully welded 12-gauge aluminum frame in our chairs guarantees robust support, making them a durable and dependable choice for all your seating requirements.

Ophelia Overview

Visualize a grand banquet in a beautiful hall, adorned with oval back chairs.

These aluminum banquet chairs are both stylish and durable, thanks to their fully welded 12-gauge aluminum frame. Whether hosting elite guests or a community gathering, these chairs stand as a testament to comfort. Backed by a 10-year warranty, they're a timeless choice. Enhance your event with these commercial-grade chairs, well-suited for banquet halls and wedding venues. They offer both durability and style, ensuring your guests have a comfortable seating experience. Exceptionally strong and reliable, you can trust these chairs to provide unwavering support. Furthermore, their stackable design simplifies storage and facilitates transportation, allowing stacking in sets of 10. To elevate the ambiance of your event, a wide array of custom fabric options is available, ensuring these chairs seamlessly integrate into your chosen theme.

Custom Fabric Requirements

You didn't find material that would fit your banquet hall? Our company offers the option of COM (Customer’s Own Material) in our chair production, enabling clients to select their own materials to create chairs that perfectly align with their unique preferences.

Product Seat Total Back Total Total Yards
Ophelia Banquet Chair 0.4 yards 0.7 yards 1.1 yards


Frame MaterialAluminum
Stacks High10.00
Weight16.00 Pounds
Height36.50 Inches
Width16.50 Inches
Depth23.50 Inches
Seat Height18.00
Seat Depth16.00 Inches
Seat Width16.00 Inches
Weight Capacity (approx.)400 Pounds