Orion Oval Flex Back Stackable Aluminum Banquet Chair

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Picture an intimate gathering within the warm embrace of a banquet hall, encircled by the inviting elegance of oval back chairs. Whether it's a cozy family reunion or a professional meetup, these chairs ensure comfort for your guests.

What's even better? These chairs come with a dependable 10-year warranty, offering you peace of mind for your events. These chairs aren't just functional; they bring an air of sophistication to any event. The construction of these chairs is built to endure, ensuring your guests have comfortable seating and contribute to the overall ambiance. Their rugged construction is a reliable foundation for lasting use. What's more, their ingenious stackable feature makes storing and moving them a breeze. To add a personalized touch to your establishment, you can choose from a wide range of custom fabric options, ensuring these chairs seamlessly fit into your chosen theme. Choose these chairs to elevate your gathering, where comfort, strength, and style harmonize in the welcoming atmosphere of a banquet hall.

Custom Fabric Requirements

You didn't find material that would fit your banquet hall? Our company offers the option of COM (Customer’s Own Material) in our chair production, enabling clients to select their own materials to create chairs that perfectly align with their unique preferences.

Product Seat Total Back Total Total Yards
Orion Banquet Chair 0.4 yards 0.7 yards 1.1 yards
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Orion Banquet Chair Features
  • Orion Banquet Chair Features
    1. 10 Year Warranty
      Experience peace of mind as our banquet furniture comes with an impressive 10-year warranty, guaranteeing a decade of comfort and reliability for your event space.
    2. Stacks 10 High
      Unleash space-saving convenience with our chairs that effortlessly stack 10 high, allowing you to optimize storage without compromising on the stylish allure of your venue.
    1. Cal 117 Fire Safety Rating
      Prioritize safety and elegance with seating options, including our banquet chairs boasting a Cal 117 Fire Safety Rating, ensuring your gatherings are not only chic but also meet rigorous safety standards.
    2. Fully Welded 12 Gauge Aluminum Frame
      Rely on unmatched durability with our chairs featuring a fully welded 12-gauge aluminum frame, combining strength and sophistication for a lasting impression at every event.