Wicker & Bamboo Outdoor Restaurant Stackable Chair - Black/White

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Ready to give your restaurant's outdoor space a breezy update? Our aluminum chairs with a bamboo-style finish are your hassle-free heroes. They've got a lightweight yet tough-as-nails frame that laughs in the face of rust and color fading – seriously, they won't even bat an eyelash at a little weather tantrum.

These chairs are decked out in a snazzy two-tone synthetic wicker that's all about that upscale vibe without the fuss. They're so easy to move around, your staff will feel like they've got superpowers. And when it's time to close up shop, they stack up in a snap and tuck away, no sweat.

Floor protectors? Check. No more wincing at the sound of a scrape. They come fully assembled, because who's got time for puzzles when there's a restaurant to run? Perfect for patios or decks, these chairs are built for the hustle and bustle of commercial use. They're the kind of chairs that'll have your guests chilling, chatting, and chowing down all season long.

So go on, set 'em up, and watch your outdoor area turn into the talk of the town. These chairs aren't just for sitting. They're for making your restaurant the place to be, come rain or shine.
Product Features
  • Welded aluminum frame
  • Bamboo-look finish
  • Rust-free & color fade resistant frame
  • Light construction
  • Two-tone synthetic wicker
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Floor protector included
  • Fully assembled
  • Outdoor use
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