Custom Adele Upholstered Restaurant Booth

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Product Details

The Adele Custom Upholstered Restaurant Booth is more than a mere seating option; it's the foundation of your guest's dining experience. Every curve and corner is designed to complement moments of joy and conversation.

When pondering, "How can I align these booths with my restaurant's vibe?" remember that Adele allows you to paint with a broad stroke of choices. With a spectrum of fabrics and vinyl, each selection offers a new shade to your establishment's palette. And if you're seeking reassurance, we're here to drape samples across your table, ensuring the final touch is nothing short of perfect.

Durability often comes into play, and rightly so. "Can these booths stand the wear of everyday use?" Absolutely. The Adele is crafted with the vigor of a lively eatery in mind, resilient yet easy to maintain. A quick sweep of a cleaning cloth is all it takes to ready them for the next guests.

And for the ultimate question of comfort, "Why do patrons linger longer in these seats?" It's because the Adele Booths are shaped with an inviting embrace, making each seating an extension of the hospitality you serve.

Our team is eager to work alongside you to weave this vital piece into your space's story. It's about sculpting the cornerstones where your guests' dining narratives come to life.
Product Features
  • Overall dimensions: 29.5"H X 48"W X 25"D
  • Floor to seat height: 18"
  • 2.5" high density foam seat and back
  • Seat Dimensions: 48"W X 18"D
  • Seating capacity: 2 people
  • Custom upholstery options available
  • Solid wood frame
  • Available with chrome or solid wood legs
  • Combine two singles back to back to create a double style booth
  • Light assembly required
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