Shan Shan Noodles Chinese Restaurant - Furniture Case Study

Example of commercial furniture for Chinese restaurants   Commercial wood booths, tables and chairs in mahogany stain for Chinese restaurant  Custom made furniture for Chinese restaurant

Project details:

Address: 333 US-46, Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ 07054 (Google Map)

Venue type: Chinese Restaurant

Setting: Indoor

Cuisine: Northwestern Chinese

Restaurant design style: Modern

About Shan Shan Noodles Chinese Restaurant:

Shan Shan Noodles offers a rich, authentic dining experience that celebrates the robust flavors and culture of northwestern China, specializing in hand-pulled noodles and Chinese hamburgers. The interior design meticulously mirrors this regional specificity through thoughtful decor choices and custom-made furniture, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

The restaurant features custom-crafted solid wood booths with a rich mahogany finish, providing durability to withstand the high traffic of daily diners and a visual warmth that invites guests into a space that feels both welcoming and culturally immersive. These classic-style booths reflect traditional Chinese values of simplicity and practicality, perfectly complementing the culinary offerings.

Matching tables also finished in mahogany contribute to the cohesive look of the dining area. The dark, rich tones of the wood contrast beautifully against the lighter grey walls, adorned with colorful and intricate traditional Chinese artwork and calligraphy. This artwork, more than decorative, serves as a narrative thread, connecting diners to the cultural origins of the dishes served.

Strategically arranged to maximize space and create intimate dining nooks, the furniture in Shan Shan Noodles not only supports the restaurant’s operational needs but significantly enhances the overall dining atmosphere. This meticulous attention to detail—from the solid wood furniture to the wall decor—ensures that guests enjoy a true taste of northwestern China’s heritage and hospitality, with each visit a delightful exploration of traditional flavors and craftsmanship.

Color palette: Mahogany, Dark Brown, Grey


Restaurant furniture used in this project:

Booths: Classic Style Solid Wood Restaurant Booth with Padded Seat

SKU: B5024
Booth Shapes: Single and Double
Length: 48"
Booth Height: Standard
Overall Height: 48"
Booth Seat Options: Customer Owned Material (COM)
Material: Wood seat w/ Hinge opening; storage bottom
Finished Rear: No
Booth Wood Frame: Mahogany

All-wood booths with a storage compartment and a hinged bottom, finished in a mahogany stain.
Classic Style Solid Wood Restaurant Booth with Padded Seat
Learn more about this booth...
Tables: Custom Solid Oak Plank Dining Table Top

Stain: Custom Stain 
Table Sizes: 24" x 30", 30" x 48"
Custom Stain: Mahogany to match Booth Mahogany

Contemporary Indoor Brushed Stainless Steel Rectangular Table Base (16" x 28”)

Height: Standard (28")

Contemporary Indoor Brushed Stainless Steel Square Table Base (18” x 18")

Height: Standard (28")

Custom Solid Beechwood Premium Plank Table TopLearn more about this table top...

Cross Cast Iron And Steel Black Commercial Table Base (22Learn more about this table base...

Cross Cast Iron And Steel Black Commercial Table Base (22Learn more about this table base...


Ready to bring the sizzle to your Chinese restaurant with furniture as hearty as your hand-pulled noodles? Imagine chairs that can endure a dumpling duel, bar stools as sturdy as the Great Wall, booths that invite you for a long tea time, and tables that can stand firm through a feast of fiery lamb skewers. Let’s stir-fry some ideas on giving your place a touch of the Silk Road with a furniture upgrade that'll have your customers saying, "This is the Xi'an deal!" Gear up to craft a space that’s as visually appetizing as your spicy cuisine. Let’s get the wok rocking!