American Red Oak Wood Restaurant Bar Stool in Gray with Black Industrial Steel Frame

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Product Details

Imagine a bar stool that isn't just a perch but a statement piece, embodying a fusion of industrial strength and rustic charm. This isn't merely furniture; it's a testament to timeless design, where the robustness of a welded steel frame meets the organic warmth of solid red oak.

Crafted with precision, the chair's frame boasts an industrial welded construction, ensuring stability and longevity. The seat and back aren't just wood; they're premium red oak, promising not only comfort but also a touch of natural elegance. And why settle for basic when you can personalize? With custom upholstered seat options, the chair transforms to align perfectly with your space and style.

You choose: the classic feel of a 1” solid wood seat or the embracing comfort of a 2.5” padded seat. This bar stool is designed to elevate any interior, blending a rustic and industrial aesthetic that captivates and charms. And it's not just about looks or comfort; nylon floor glides are a thoughtful touch, ensuring your floors remain pristine.

Now, ask yourself: Does your space crave the strong yet earthy character this stool provides? Can you see it blending seamlessly with your decor? And finally, which seat will tell your story—the understated elegance of solid wood or the plush, inviting allure of a padded throne? Step into the narrative of your space transformed, where every detail is a dialogue between design and comfort.
Product Features
  • Industrial welded steel frame
  • Solid red oak wood seat and back
  • Custom upholstered seat options
  • 1” solid wood seat or 2.5” padded seat options
  • Rustic/industrial design
  • Nylon floor glides to protect floors
  • Indoor use
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