Clear Coat Distressed Steel X-Back Commercial Bar Stool

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Product Details

What if a restaurant bar stool could whisper the tales of the artisans who crafted it? Introducing our cross-back style (or X-style) bar stool, where the industrial strength of welded steel meets the soul of custom woodworking.

Each stool's frame is a tapestry of strength, meticulously welded to endure the rigors of time. Its cross-back design isn't just for support; it's a nod to a timeless aesthetic, a crossroads of form and function.

Choose a seat that speaks to your space's story—be it the rustic charm of wood or the tailored luxury of upholstery. And beneath, nylon floor glides ensure a silent dance across your floors, safeguarding against the scuffs of daily life.

Available in a variety of frame finishes, this restaurant bar stool doesn't just blend in; it adapts, ready to take its place in the ever-unfolding story of your indoor space.
Product Features
  • Industrial welded steel frame
  • Cross back style
  • Custom wood and upholstery seat options
  • Nylon floor glides to protect floors
  • Available in several frame finishes
  • Indoor use
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