Basic Style Wood and Upholstered Restaurant Booth

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Product Details

The starting price is for a Single, 36" high, 30" long booth upholstered in Grade 5 Vinyl. Submit a Quote or Call for Pricing!

Want variety in your restaurant bench seating? The basic style wood and upholstered restaurant booth offers just that. This model allows you to opt for a headroll and provides a range of wood panel choices.

It comes in shapes like Single, Double, 1/2 Round, 3/4 Round, L-shaped, and Banquet. The Single and Double are straightforward options, while the rounded shapes lend an element of uniqueness to your setting. L-shaped and banquet shapes are suited for larger group settings. Wholesale booths and tables can also be arranged.

Handcrafted in the USA, this booth promises quality and customization. To order, submit a quote or contact us.
Product Features
  • Dimensions: Depth: Single - 23", Double - 43"
  • Seat Dimensions: Depth: 18"
  • Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Shape: Single, Double, 1/2 Round, 3/4 Round, L-Shaped, Banquet
  • Overall Height: 36", 42", 48"
  • Seat Height: 18"
  • Custom sizes and designs available
  • Talk with an Expert.