Exploring the Best Wood Choices for Restaurant Table Tops: A Comprehensive Comparison

August 14
Top 6 of Wood Choice For Restaurant Table Tops

Selecting the ideal wood table top for your restaurant involves several crucial considerations. The aesthetics of the wood, including its color, grain pattern, and texture, should harmonize with the overall ambiance you want to create within your dining space. Prioritize durability to withstand the rigors of a busy restaurant environment, and consider woods known for their sturdiness and longevity.

Think about the specific use of the tables - whether they are for dining, bar areas, or communal spaces. For upscale settings, consider wood types that offer a luxurious appearance, while versatile options might suit casual eateries better. It's important to consider resistance qualities, including heat spot resistance to handle hot dishes.

Stability matters too. Opt for woods with low proneness to warping, ensuring your tables remain steady and comfortable for diners. Keeping budget considerations in mind, understand the average price range for different wood types. Strike a balance between quality and cost that aligns with your financial plan.

Coordinate the wood's color and style with your restaurant's interior design elements for consistency. Long-term maintenance and functionality are essential. Choose wood treatments that enhance durability, and opt for wood types that can adapt to various dining scenarios. Prioritize customer comfort by considering the wood's texture and temperature.

Different types of wood offer varying characteristics in terms of appearance, durability, and suitability for different applications. Here's an analysis of six most popular wood types for tables and table tops:

1 . Comparison Chart - Oak Wood Vs Maple Wood Vs Walnut Wood Table Tops


Oak Wood

Maple Wood

Walnut Wood

Appearance Distinct grain, warm colors Light color, smooth grain Rich dark color, unique grain
Durability Highly durable Durable Durable with care
Maintenance Relatively easy Low maintenance Regular polishing
Scratch Resistance
Hardness Rating (Janka)
1290-1360 950 1010
Heat Mark Resistance Moderate Moderate Low
Water Stain Resistance Moderate Moderate Low
Prone to Warping Low Low Low
Suitability Casual and family-friendly restaurants Various restaurant types Upscale and fine dining restaurants
Common Uses Diners, pubs, family eateries Casual to upscale restaurants Fine dining establishments
Density (lb/ft³) (Imperial)
Density (kg/m³) (Metric)
44 - 49 38 - 45 35 - 43
705 - 785 610 - 720 560 - 690
Common Treatments and Finishing Staining, varnishing, oiling, waxing Staining, varnishing, oiling, lacquering Varnishing, oiling, waxing, polishing
Average Price (24x24" table top) $250 - $450 $200 - $350 $350 - $550
Nature Color Palettes #8B6B23 (Brown) #F0E68C (Pale Goldenrod) #7B3F00 (Chocolate)
#CD853F (Peru) #FFD700 (Gold) #8B4513 (Saddle Brown)
#A0522D (Sienna) #FFA500 (Orange) #5C3317 (Dark Brown)

2. Comparison Chart - Beechwood Vs Ash Wood Vs Birch Wood Table Tops



Ash Wood

Birch Wood

Appearance Light color, uniform grain Straight grain, light to medium tones Light color, fine grain
Durability Moderately durable Highly durable Moderately durable
Maintenance Regular maintenance Relatively easy Low maintenance
Scratch Resistance
Hardness Rating (Janka)
1300 1320 1260
Heat Mark Resistance Low Moderate Moderate
Water Stain Resistance Moderate Low Moderate
Prone to Warping Moderate Low Low
Suitability Casual and contemporary restaurants Casual to upscale restaurants Cafes, bistros, family restaurants
Common Uses Modern and adaptable settings Various restaurant types Various restaurant types
Density (lb/ft³) (Imperial)
Density (kg/m³) (Metric)
44 - 56 41 - 43 40 - 45
705 - 900 655 - 685 640 - 720
Common Treatments and Finishing Oiling, staining, varnishing Staining, varnishing, oiling, waxing Staining, varnishing, oiling, lacquering
Average Price (24x24" table top) $150 - $300 $180 - $300 $180 - $350
Nature Color Palettes #FFF5EE (Seashell) #D2B48C (Tan) #D3A625 (Birch)
#F5DEB3 (Wheat) #C0C0C0 (Silver) #AE832E (Bronze)
#FFE4B5 (Moccasin) #696969 (Dim Gray) #8E7618 (Yellow-Green)

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision that not only aligns with your restaurant's style and functionality but also enhances the overall dining experience for your patrons.

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