American Red Oak Wood Black Steel Frame Restaurant Chair

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Product Details

Have you ever felt the embrace of a chair that tells a story not just of form, but of function? Meet our American Red Oak Wood Restaurant Chair, a testament to the art of industrial design merged with natural warmth.

Forged with an industrial welded steel frame, each chair stands as a pillar of strength, grounded firmly on nylon glides that whisper across the floor, safeguarding it from scratches. The solid red oak wood seat and back celebrate the tree's life, each grain a chapter of history, every knot a moment is frozen in time, bringing the essence of the outdoors inside.

Imagine the possibilities with custom upholstered seat options—will you go for the bold statement of a 1” solid wood seat or the welcoming embrace of a 2.5” padded seat? This chair doesn't just accommodate; it invites personalization, blending seamlessly with the unique vibe of your space.

The rustic-industrial design is a nod to the past, yet its lines speak a contemporary language. It's a chameleon, ready to complement the classic elegance of a traditional eatery or the edgy vibe of a modern bistro.

This chair doesn't arrive with an instruction manual. It arrives fully assembled, a symbol of commitment to craftsmanship and convenience. It's not just a seat; it's a silent storyteller, an unspoken promise of quality, ready to be a part of your restaurant's narrative. Will it be a background character or the centerpiece of your dining tale?
Product Features
  • Industrial welded steel frame
  • Solid red oak wood seat and back
  • Custom upholstered seat options
  • 1” solid wood seat or 2.5” padded seat options
  • Rustic/industrial design
  • Nylon floor glides to protect floors
  • Indoor use
  • Arrives fully assembled
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