Black Metal X-Back Commercial Chair

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Product Details

In a quaint corner of a bustling cafe, where the scent of roasted coffee beans dances with the laughter of daily patrons, there sits a chair that has become the cornerstone of many a morning ritual. Have you ever wondered about the silent stories a chair like this could tell? Crafted with an industrial welded steel frame, its resilience is the unsung hero of the daily grind.

But what sets this chair apart? Could it be the intricate (X style) cross-back style that catches the gaze of artists sketching in their notebooks? Or is it the choice of custom wood and upholstery seat options that cater to the bespoke tastes of the regulars, each with its own story to tell?

Imagine a chair that not only complements your space but also cares for it. With nylon floor glides, this chair ensures that your floors remain pristine. And the charm doesn't end there; available in several frame finishes, it seamlessly adapts to any interior theme, from rustic bistros to modern eateries.

How often does such a chair come ready to fulfill its destiny without the hassle of assembly? This one does. Arrives fully assembled, it whispers a promise of immediate service and lasting memories. Wouldn't you like to know the tales it will hold within your walls?
Product Features
  • Industrial welded steel frame
  • Cross back style
  • Custom wood and upholstery seat options
  • Nylon floor glides to protect floors
  • Available in several frame finishes
  • Indoor use
  • Arrives fully assembled
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      Superior Seating's metal chairs offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. Designed for long-lasting comfort, they're also incredibly easy to clean - ideal for high-traffic restaurant environments. Focus on what matters most: creating a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Let's create a dining experience that reflects your vision, together.