Tefi Wood Restaurant Chair in Black

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Product Details

Imagine a chair that could tell stories – well, if chairs could talk, our Tefi chair with the stylish cane backrest would be the most eloquent raconteur in the restaurant realm. Each one is crafted not just from trees, but from the stories of the forests they came from, bringing a slice of woodland wisdom right to your dining floor.

With its stackable design, the Tefi chair is like that one friend we all have who's an absolute whiz at packing the car for road trips. It tucks away neatly, making the most of your space without any fuss. And for those times when things get a little wild (because what's a Saturday night without a little excitement?), the mortise and tenon joinery reinforced with metal brackets stands up to the challenge, ensuring no wobbles will interrupt your guests' dining escapades.

The cane backrest isn't just a pretty face; it's a throwback to the days of flapper dresses and dapper gents, with a whisper of the Charleston about it. Plus, the plastic floor protectors? They’re like secret agents for your floors, sliding in and out of the dining scene without leaving a trace.

Tefi chairs come fully assembled because let's face it – life’s too short to spend it deciphering assembly instructions. They're ready to go from the get-go, eager to be part of your venue's next bustling chapter. So, let the laughter ring and the fine times roll, your new chairs are here to play their part.
Product Features
  • Solid beechwood
  • Stylish cane backrest
  • Stackable design
  • Mortise and Tenon reinforced with metal brackets
  • Plastic floor protectors
  • Indoor use
  • Fully assembled
  • Talk with an Expert.
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