Cross Cast Iron And Steel Black Commercial Table Base (24"x30")

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Product Details

Ever wondered what it takes to be the guardian of your dining establishment's ambiance? Meet our cast-iron and steel table base, the unsung hero of your restaurant furniture collection. With the rugged charm of an ironclad sentinel, this table base provides unyielding support and steadfast stability to your cherished table tops.

Imagine a pronged stronghold, housing a robust 3"-wide steel post, forming an indomitable fortress. Bolstered by adjustable floor glides and crowned with an X-shaped base, it stands guard to protect your floors while ensuring easy table mobility.

Draped in a resilient black powder-coated finish, it complements a spectrum of décor styles, ensuring that it not only supports but also enhances your dining space. Offering both standard and bar height options, this table base seamlessly accommodates various table tops with minimal assembly required. Elevate your restaurant's presence with the enduring strength of this stalwart guardian.
Product Features
  • Welded cast iron construction
  • Black powder-coated protective finish
  • Sturdy base plate available in several sizes
  • 3" diameter steel post
  • Top base dimension: 13"L x 13"W
  • Available in Standard (28") or Bar Height (41")
  • Adjustable floor glides for floor protection and easy movement
  • Minimal assembly required
  • Indoor use
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