Granite Restaurant Table Top Uba Tuba

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Product Features
  • Granite top
  • ¾” plywood core for a lighter and more affordable design
  • Bullnose edge design
  • High-temperature fiberglass to protect it from rain, and excessive heat
  • Weather-proof epoxy backing
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Product Description

    Looking for a table top that marries durability with a sense of refinement? Our granite table top in Uba Tuba is engineered for both indoor and outdoor use. Outfitted with a high-temperature fiberglass layer, it’s designed to resist challenging weather conditions like rain and heat. Its waterproof epoxy backing adds another layer of durability. The Uba Tuba shade fits seamlessly into both elegant indoor dining halls and lively outdoor patios. An excellent choice for hospitality industry professionals seeking a resilient yet stylish table top solution.


    FinishUba Tuba
    Weight52.00 Pounds
    Table MaterialStone
    Table UsageIndoor/Outdoor