Industrial Backless Steel Restaurant Bar Stools

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Product Details

Ever perched on a stool so perfectly poised that it made you feel like the ruler of your own little bistro kingdom? Meet our backless bar stool, the epitome of urban chic meets industrial strength. With legs that taper like a seasoned ballerina's, this stool stands on metallic tiptoes, each capped with discreet little black shoes (also known as floor glides) to tiptoe around your floors without a whisper of a scratch.

Choose your throne: the sleek, easy-to-clean upholstered vinyl for those who live life on the spill-prone side, the cozy fabric that whispers ‘sit here and unwind,’ or the reclaimed wood seat with stories etched in every grain. Each option is not just a seat; it's a statement.

This stool doesn’t come with a backrest because, let’s face it, who needs to lean back when life’s this exciting at the counter? Plus, with the bonus of a square footrest, your feet will find their happy place while you sip and savor the atmosphere.

Whether you're running a cafe where the coffee is strong and the gossip is juicy, or a bar where the cocktails are art and the nights are young, this bar stool is the silent sidekick to every character that walks through your door. So, why settle for seating when you can start a conversation with the right bar stool?
Product Features
  • Welded-steel frame
  • Backless
  • Super sturdy, heavy-duty construction
  • Solid ash-wood seat
  • Custom upholstery seating options
  • Nylon floor glides for floor protection
  • Indoor use
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