Six Channel Wood Panel Style Restaurant Booth with Headroll

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Product Details

The starting price is for a Single, 36" high, 30" long booth upholstered in Grade 5 Vinyl. Submit a Quote or Call for Pricing!

Gather for an indulgent meal enveloped in the luxury of our Six Channel Wood Panel Style Restaurant Booth, complete with a headroll for added comfort. This booth combines the classic allure of deep maroon upholstery with the intricate textures of wood panels, creating an inviting retreat for diners.

Inquiries might arise such as, "Is this booth built to endure the rigors of a high-traffic restaurant?" Rest assured, robust construction and quality materials are selected to ensure resilience over time. Diners seeking solace will ask, "Will we find comfort here?" Absolutely, the headroll and padded channels are meticulously designed to support and soothe.

And when it comes to personalizing your space, "Can this booth be customized to complement our restaurant's theme?" Indeed, the booth offers a canvas for customization, echoing your establishment's essence through tailored design choices. It's more than a booth—it's a centerpiece, ready to host intimate dinners, lively brunches, and everything in between.
Product Features
  • Dimensions: Depth: Single - 23", Double - 43"
  • Seat Dimensions: Depth: 18"
  • Weight: 82 lbs.
  • Shape: Single, Double, 1/2 Round, 3/4 Round, L-Shaped, Banquet
  • Overall Height: 36", 42", 48"
  • Seat Height: 18"
  • Custom sizes and designs available
  • Talk with an Expert.