What Are the Ultimate Outdoor Tables and Chairs for Warm Climates?

March 21
Outdoor Tables and Chairs

Thankfully, there are dozens of types of outdoor seating available, ensuring that you'll be able to find an option that fits the decor of your restaurant. With this simple guide, familiarize yourself with the outdoor seating options that are available to increase your ability to make an informed decision when it comes time to order outdoor tables and chairs for your restaurant.

Best Outdoor Chairs for Restaurants

Outdoor chairs for your restaurant come in all shapes and sizes. While most outdoor commercial chairs are made of metal, many others are made of different materials such as wood or bamboo. There are even chairs available for outdoor seating arrangements that are made from colorful plastic. Many types of outdoor chairs are stackable, but some don't stack and are designed to be pushed against the wall instead.

Each type of outdoor chair has its benefits and detractors. While metal chairs are attractive and durable, they can become incredibly hot when left out in the sun. This makes it so that metal outdoor chairs are only suitable for shaded locations. Plastic chairs are cheap and come in a variety of colors, but they aren't as durable as other types of chairs. Wooden and bamboo chairs impart a classy vibe and look great when arranged together, but they can be hard to clean.

For these reasons, there's no clear winner among the different types of outdoor chairs for restaurants. Each restaurant owner will need to decide which type of chair is best for their business based on the unique benefits of each model.

Outdoor Commercial Tables for a Pleasant Dining Experience

It's undeniably true that food tastes better when eaten outside. Plus, when it's sunny out, it's natural to want to take advantage of any opportunity to get outside and soak up some rays. Even in the evening, eating outside is a great way to cool off and enjoy the approach of night. In warm climates, customers love to sit outside while they enjoy their meals for a number of reasons, so it pays to be prepared with seating that will make any outdoor dining experience enjoyable.

When serving meals in the daytime under the hot sun, it's often useful to have outdoor commercial tables with umbrellas on hand to stave off the sunshine. While we all love the feeling of sunshine on our faces, too much sun can be a bad thing when you're in the middle of eating a meal. Investing in tables with umbrellas equipped can provide a more attractive dining experience for your customers while also providing your restaurant with a unique look. The sight of a row of umbrellas cresting over an outdoor seating arrangement is undeniably pleasant to behold.

When reviewing the options, you may want to opt for outdoor restaurant tables and chairs that match. While mixing plastic chairs with metal tables or creating other types of outdoor seating hybrids can manifest an intriguing avant-garde look, many restaurant owners choose to pair like with like instead. With so many outdoor seating options available, it's easy to find a pairing that also matches the decor of your restaurant.

There are a wide variety of looks available when it comes to table tops for your outdoor seating arrangement. Some types of outdoor commercial tables come equipped with a base, while others consist of the table top only. Purchasing table tops and bases separately gives you the freedom to mix and match at your discretion, but getting your tables all in one piece saves you significant time and effort.

Restaurant outdoor tables come in a diverse array of materials, including synthetic teak, artificial concrete, and reclaimed wood. Other materials include walnut laminate, onyx laminate, and pearlwood laminate. With so many style options available, it's inevitable that you'll find a table top that jumps out at you as the perfect choice for your restaurant.

Creating the Ideal Outdoor Arrangement

Take a good look at the area where you want to create your outdoor seating arrangement. Are you working with a spacious wood patio in the backyard of your restaurant, or are you dealing with the narrow sidewalk outside your facade? When selecting outdoor tables and chairs for your restaurant, you'll want to take a thorough accounting of the space that's available. While wide umbrellas and two-seater benches might be the perfect seating solutions for a large open space, these outdoor seating solutions would be out of place on a busy walkway.

You'll also want to come up with a foolproof plan for storing your outdoor seating when it's not in use. Do you intend to buy stacking metal chairs that you can chain up outside, or do you want to get folding bamboo chairs that need to be brought inside every night? How do you plan to secure your outdoor tables? These are questions that every restaurant owner needs to ask themselves before making an outdoor seating purchase.

When it comes time to make a decision and order outdoor commercial tables and chairs for your restaurant, remember that you can always ask for a free price quote. Getting a quote can help you understand whether you're coming in over or under budget. In some cases, being apprised of the expected costs allows you to opt for better tables and chairs in higher quantities. Sometimes, you can even receive a discount for buying in bulk, so keep in mind that buying big doesn't necessarily mean you'll be spending extra money.

No matter what type of outdoor commercial seating you end up purchasing, remember to have fun with the process and experiment with different options. The right company will employ sales staff who can help you creatively explore all of the options that are available.