3 Ways to Wow Your Restaurant Guests During the Holiday Season

November 29
Restaurant Guests During the Holiday Season

This holiday season is poised to be an exciting one. As a restaurant owner, you want to take full advantage of the unique opportunities the holidays present. You will undoubtedly be receiving more guests and be busier than usual. “Wowing” your guests using these three ideas will increase your business, brand, and reputation.

Holiday Décor

Carefully chosen holiday décor is the number one way to wow your guests. A classy holiday décor setup will set the perfect holiday mood. Guests will feel warm, welcome, and comfortable. They’ll leave with a lasting impression that they’re sure to tell their friends about. Some subtle but amazing décor options you can add to your restaurant include the following:


  • Wreathes
  • Garland
  • Candles
  • Tablecloths
  • Small trees
  • Lights

You want to choose these items with your guests and restaurant theme in mind. Always select items that will add value to your already well-established restaurant theme. This will ensure that you don’t over-decorate and create an entirely new restaurant environment. Your regular customers will notice and feel subtle differences. New customers will be impressed and excited. The overall dining experience will be enhanced in a way that simply isn’t possible during other times of the year.

Holiday Music

Background holiday music is a great way to trigger happy feelings in your guests. If your music is playing at the perfect volume, guests will be able to hear it when they enter your restaurant. They will feel warm and welcome and will automatically be ready to have a great time. Coupling your holiday background music with friendly staff and amazing holiday décor set-up will ensure your guests are completely wowed when they enter your restaurant and are seated. Some important things to keep in mind when choosing and playing music include the following:


  • Make sure the music is tasteful and classy. Like your décor, you want your music to match the theme of your restaurant and be something your guests can relate to.
  • Make sure your speaker system works properly. Music should sound clear and be heard at equal volumes throughout your restaurant.
  • Make sure your track doesn’t stop or repeat. Music that stops or repeats too frequently can kill the mood you worked so hard to create.
  • Make sure your music is set at the perfect volume. The perfect volume is one in which guests can talk freely without having to raise or lower their voices. To find the perfect volume, seek input from your wait staff. They are the ones most frequently interacting with and observing your guests.
  • Make sure you get input from your guests. Asking your guests if they enjoyed their dining experience is a great way to get valuable input. More often than not, guests will let you know if there’s a problem with your music.

While playing music requires extra effort, the rewards are totally worth it. Taking the mentioned precautions will ensure your music does what it’s intended to do.

Holiday Scents

Holiday scents are a powerful addition to your restaurant. The right scent can help you connect with your guests and create a festive mood. Some popular holiday scents include pine and cinnamon. But keep in mind that you don’t want a scent to be too overpowering and clash with the yummy smells coming out of your kitchen. It’s always a good idea to try scents out during hours when your restaurant is not open. Once the perfect scent is found, you can use it during business hours.

Holiday décor, music, and scents can all be wonderful additions to your restaurant this holiday season. Use them and you will wow your guests. Always remember to match your holiday additions to the theme of your restaurant and your targeted customers. In the end, all of your hard work this holiday season will pay unprecedented dividends.