How Reclaimed Restaurant Furniture Can Make A Big Impact In Your Space

November 21
Reclaimed Restaurant Furniture

Are you looking for rustic pieces that add character to your restaurant space? If so, consider reclaimed furniture as your next design choice. These furniture pieces bring charm and warmth to any space, without taking a toll on the environment.

Nowadays, great interest in green building and eco-friendly remodeling practices has developed. People want to cut down on consumption through repurposing resources. Creating something unique from wood pallets, pieces of barns, metal, storage crates, old furniture, and even fallen trees can breathe life into any project.

Other than not adding to deforestation and burdening our landfills, what other benefits does reclaimed furniture provide?

  • Stepping away from mass manufacturing, which produces waste and toxic emissions.
  • You’ll get stronger pieces since repurposed materials have already undergone the test of time and are perfectly primed for a new life.
  • This type of furniture has a unique look that you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you repurpose it yourself or not, it has its own unique history.
  • You can find this furniture for a lot less than manufactured pieces. Plus, if you can’t find the exact color or finish you need, you can make it yourself.

When looking at reclaimed furniture, you need to respect its origins and unique characteristics. Natural materials have their own marks and character, which make them ideal for rustic or industrial-styled restaurants. Here are the ways reclaimed furniture can impact your restaurant:

One of a kind

No two reclaimed furniture pieces are the same, making each very special. When you find a piece, take a look at its grain, paint remnants, nail holes, mineral deposits, and other characteristics that set it apart from the rest. These variances will really make a difference in your space.


Natural materials developed in an environment where they had to fight for nutrients, making them extra durable. Repurposed furniture has a hardened character that you can’t find anywhere else. Not to mention, depending on its style, repurposed furniture is a perfect conversation piece wherever it’s placed.

A great story

Age can bring out many things in a repurposed piece. For instance, any color variations like dark reds, browns, deep yellows, and blacks can depict a rich story. Try to find out the background of your pieces and let them tell their stories. You will definitely have something to offer that no other restaurant has.

Mixing old and new

If your restaurant already has modern and contemporary elements, don’t be afraid to throw in a few pieces of reclaimed furniture. Making the old fit in with the new is a great way to show off your design prowess. Play around with sleek dining tables and chic chairs with rustic pieces that add a bit of texture. Try placing a reclaimed piece in a high-traffic entryway where its durability will come in handy.

Enhance the beauty of your restaurant with reclaimed furniture. For example, build table tops, chairs, stools, and other tables using local, natural materials like wine barrels, barn doors, salvaged wood, and steel. Not only will you be showcasing your beautiful design, but you will also be promoting “going green” to your guests. So take a step back, and enjoy the satisfaction of having distinct pieces throughout your restaurant that captivate and intrigue.

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