Our Top Layout Tips When Using Reclaimed-Wood Restaurant Tables

 Reclaimed-Wood Restaurant Table

As you might have noticed, reclaimed wood furniture stands out—especially at a restaurant. These pieces are great conversation starters no matter the layout of your space. They offer distinct personalities that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, repurposed wood furniture is the perfect way to express your restaurant’s unique charm. The easiest way to incorporate the beauty of repurposed wood in a restaurant is through tables or table tops. When put with the right décor, these seasoned pieces can really create an atmosphere that keeps guests coming back for more. Not only do they bring rustic loveliness, but they also bring many other benefits to your establishment. Reasons why you should use reclaimed wood tables

  • They’re tough Though reclaimed wood tables might have a tired, weathered look, don’t be fooled. These natural materials have stood the test of time while surviving the harsh environment. They're ready for a second life and can take more wear and tear compared to brand-new materials. Any old scratches or discolorations only add character to a repurposed wood table.
  • Visually appealing Reclaimed wood tends to get better with age. No two pieces are alike since each has had its fair share of natural element exposure. Each nick and scratch provides a stunning story that people can see. Over time, natural materials develop their own personality and beauty. Repurposed wood also blends easily with other woods so you;d be hard-pressed to find a décor that doesn’t match.
  • Eco-friendly By making the decision to use repurposed furniture in your space, you’re showing support for recycling. Rather than mass producing more chairs while hurting the environment, repurposing just uses resources we already have to make new. This reduces energy, waste, and toxic chemicals.

Now that you know how reclaimed wood tables can impact your restaurant, it’s time to think about how to showcase them. You need the right layout that both complements and displays your pieces. Our top layout tips for restaurant tables

  • Regulations The first step when designing your restaurant table layout involves determining local code requirements and capacity. These will help you understand how much square footage should be allocated to each customer along with the width of the aisles. These measurements come from the size and exit locations at your establishment. Once you know these guidelines, consider the comfort of your guests and the needs of your establishment. For instance, perhaps wide aisles might be more suitable for guests in wheelchairs, meal carts, and tableside service. Remember, there needs to be enough space to maneuver comfortably.
  • Multiple rooms Establishments with multiple rooms make it easier for anchored tables when considering consistency throughout. Walls and windows are great for saving space and seating areas. You can also have private dining and private events where guests can quietly enjoy your lovely décor. Every room can be customized to your unique tastes.
  • Open rooms Restaurants with open layouts are great for portable tables as well as anchored tables against walls, columns, and windows. This way, guests can take advantage of the full space. Plus, open rooms can provide enough space for large parties. Partitions and dividers can be used if needed.
  • Furniture shape When it comes to the layout of a restaurant, it’s important to consider the shape of your tables. Shapes have a great influence on the customer experience. For example, round tables encourage conversation, while rectangular ones use space efficiently against walls. Even cafeteria-style establishments need to consider tray size and quantity when thinking about table shape.

Whatever layout works best for your unique restaurant, having reclaimed wood tables will make it even more unforgettable. These minimalist pieces will make guests feel right at home in a charming, rustic setting. Looking for the best quality reclaimed wood table tops or industrial bar stools and chairs for your restaurant? Check out our enormous selection all at wholesale prices. Superior Seating is the superior source for restaurant, bar, lounge, and other dining venue furniture. Call us today 866–213–2401.