Outdoor Seating - Ideas for Restaurant

March 18
Outdoor Seating Restaurant

The Right Theme for the Right Cuisine

Anyone can set up a table and chairs to use outdoors. However, the right theme is what your customers will remember. For example, if your restaurant is of a casual style where friends gather for good conversation, this theme needs to be carried to an outdoor patio. A concrete or stainless steel table top under a large vinyl umbrella will allow diners to never fear damaging furniture. Mix the area with 42" and 24" diameter tables for socializing or intimate conversation. The outdoor commercial seating chairs should consist of lightweight aluminum in a contemporary style. Remember, friends need to be able to pull up a chair and join in with a conversation. Keep a stack of colorful plastic chairs nearby for easy access for joining a party. These should be durable and flexible enough to flow from table to table with ease and still provide a comfort.

Restaurants that offer specific ethnic cuisine should gear their outdoor commercial seating to the appropriate atmosphere. For example, a pagoda-type covering with hanging grape vines will provide a touch of Italy for a great Italian meal and a bottle of wine. Celebration is often the reason for visiting this Old World style and your outdoor seating ideas for restaurant dining need to follow suit. Rectangular wood look tables with cushioned 2-seater benches will allow you to maximize space by using the benches as exterior boundary lines around your outdoor area. Choose cast aluminum with an elegant criss-cross design to highlight inner table seating. Tables can quickly be joined together for parties or left separate for a smaller dining experience.

Bar stools and high tables are becoming popular for young people that frequent sports-oriented restaurants. Outdoor restaurant synthetic wood look bar stools positioned around a matching table top create an upscale look for a millennial crowd that expect the best. Metal looking or reclaimed wood tabletops fit the style of today's younger group. Upbeat music or the latest sports game that is playing on a wide-screen TV will send everyone outside to feel less confined. 

Using Outdoor Dining as Advertisement

There is no better way to attract attention from those on the street than by using your outdoor dining arena as a tool. Plenty of color will attract the masses in wonderment of the type of dining experience you have to offer. Bright red or blue wicker-looking chairs will catch the eye of passer-byres and keep your location fresh in their minds. If your establishment is on a busy shopping throughway, post popular menus and hours on chalk boards to invite busy shoppers inside. In arranging your commercial outdoor seating furniture, keep it spaced proportionately and sparingly. Overly crowded eateries are often a turn-off to customers. Night time displays can be just as important. Use hanging lamps to display the night time pleasure of enjoying cuisine under the moonlight. White linen table cloths always add a romantic flavor to small square intimate tables. 

Outdoor seating for restaurant dining need not be dramatic is your focus is on serving people that are in a hurry. Watching as customers come and go reflect great service and a desire to try out your establishment. For feeding the masses with speed and comfort, benches or armless chairs can create larger outdoor seating ideas for restaurant eating. Lunch crowds are a good example of this type of seating. Straight rows with easy to wipe down tables, surrounded with hanging baskets of live ferns, will help to relieve stress from busy office workers. Your service and atmosphere will make your restaurant a hot spot for those in a rush.

Always keep in mind the type of atmosphere that you wish to display when creating an outdoor restaurant. Everything from food, service, mood and comfort is important in gaining repeat business. Restaurant outdoor seating furniture has to be resilient enough to endure changing weather conditions, but appealing enough to be inviting and comfortable. Nature has a way of invoking the right feel for complimenting a meal. It is up to you to bring it all together with the right style and formation. Chose your surrounding theme items carefully. They could end up costing a lot of money if they are not built to withstand varying temperatures. Draw up a traffic plan to allow for plenty of elbow room for eating and top it off with durable and exquisite outdoor commercial seating that will last for many seasons.